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ABA therapist reading with a child with autism
ART | Autism Response Team offers Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) which is designed to enable individuals with a disability to participate in life’s activities through services provided across all settings. Individuals with a disability may lack functional skills to fully participate in the full range of everyday activities. This is either because the skills necessary for such occasions are not acquired or that there may be performance and fluency difficulty. Autism Response Team, Inc. will carefully craft an assessment-based intervention to address these issues, and thus, increase the functioning of individuals with a disability in their daily life.

Services may be provided in the clinic setting and natural environments. Thus, services are able to be provided at the individual’s home, community, work place, school, and any social functions (church, etc.) that the parents or the individual himself/herself wants to function better. The clinic setting may be recommended for social groups, increased structure for severe behaviors, and for support groups for our families. Assessments and some supervision/consultation meeting with staff and family may also take place at the clinic, in order to ensure the most optimal quality of care.

Our agency requires family involvement to ensure that we are able to see the greatest success in the least amount of time. Sibling support programs, and sibling play programs, are put in place to teach about the diagnosis and involve the siblings in treatment for lifelong support. Parent feedback and training is also provided in order to empower our parents, and minimize the long term need of ABA services.

16-Hour Parent
Education Groups

As a part of the clinician-parent partnership model of intervention, ART offers a 16-hour Parent Education Group in ABA…


The soundness of any intervention begins with a thorough and accurate assessment. ART utilizes a variety of assessment tools…

Infant Development

Research clearly shows that early intervention achieves better outcomes for the vast majority of cases. ART’s infant development…
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