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Children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder often need direct instruction and guidance to thrive in everyday life activities. Over the past fifty years, researchers have determined several therapeutic methods to assist children who have autism with communication, adaptive skills, and social skills.

Today, many researchers recognize applied behavior therapy (ABA) as an effective, evidence-based autism therapy for children. This therapy includes many different techniques to help children improve life skills, follow directions, and reduce maladaptive behaviors.

If you are considering this effective therapy technique, determining the right treatment center for your child in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex or throughout North Texas can be daunting. Thankfully, our Autism Response Team (ART) has provided high-quality ABA services to children in Frisco, TX, for many years. You can trust our team to put our best foot forward in helping your child as well.

Read our client reviews to learn how we have helped numerous children and families throughout the city, then contact us today for more information about our ABA services in Frisco, TX.
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Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy uses learning and behavior to shape a child’s development. This treatment can help children with autism improve numerous skills, such as:

  • Communication
  • Attention
  • Memory
  • Social skills
  • Focus
  • Academics

ABA therapy can also help decrease problem behaviors that many children with autism exhibit, such as aggression and self-injury. Our Autism Response Team members, who are Board-certified Behavior Analysts, use ABA therapy techniques to shape our clients’ behavior. Positive reinforcement, or rewarding healthy behavior, is one of the main strategies within this discipline.

Additionally, Behavior Analysts also utilize the Antecedent, Behavior, Consequence method to understand why a child’s behavior occurs and teach them consequences for their actions. Our Behavior Analysts also incorporate other therapies, such as play therapy or feeding therapy, into their overarching behavioral treatments.

At ART, our Behavior Analysts provide ABA treatment in both clinical and community-based environments. We can work with your child in our clinic or come to your house, your workplace, your child’s classroom, or any other environments in which your child functions best to provide our interventions.

Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy

With our Autism Response Team, our ABA treatments always begin with a complete assessment of each client. Understanding your child’s baseline behavioral successes and challenges can allow us to shape our treatment to provide the optimal benefits for their specific situation.

Our Behavior Analysts use various assessment tools and resources to evaluate each child depending on their age, goals, and concerns. A few evaluation resources we use regularly include:

  • Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills – Revised
  • Verbal Behavior –Milestones Assessment and Placement Program
  • Essential For Living
  • Assessment of Functional Living Skills

Additionally, parents play a significant role in contributing to accurate assessments of their children during the evaluation process.

After reviewing these assessments, our technicians can create a detailed medical diagnosis and develop individualized treatment plans that include evidence-based behavioral interventions. At ART, our initial assessments act as roadmaps that we can use to keep families in the loop about their children’s treatment plans and that shape our ABA therapy toward specialized goals.

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child with autism playing with a puzzle

Infant Development Programs

Research has shown that providing early intervention for children with autism is an effective way to minimize maladaptive behaviors and promote healthy functioning. Starting interventions early on, when many behaviors are not yet noticeably atypical, can help close the gap between a child with autism and one without any impairments, creating a more successful childhood.

At ART, we offer ABA infant development programs to help shape healthy behaviors as early as possible. Our comprehensive programs include interventions from speech, occupational, and physical therapists, giving your child the greatest chance of success as they grow into middle childhood.

When you work with our Frisco, TX, team, our Behavior Analysts will create a specialized treatment plan that targets your infant’s specific behavioral needs. They will also work with your entire family to generate a collaborative approach to behavioral change. Would you like to learn more about our Behavior Analysts? Read our About Us page to understand more about our qualifications to work with your child.

Parent Education Groups

At ART, we believe that the best interventions for children on the autism spectrum include participation and education from the parents. If you have a child with autism spectrum disorder, you can benefit from our 16-hour parent education groups.

Our parent education groups act as a prerequisite to our child therapy sessions. These groups can provide you with the resources you need to make ABA therapy the most effective for your child, shaping your ability to support your child through their growth.

When you attend a parent education group, you will learn more about:

· How autism can impact childhood development

· What an ABA program includes

· The principles of reinforcement and punishment

You will also have the opportunity to connect with other parents and families in our Frisco community who are walking the same path as you and your family.

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  • Individualized Approach:
    ABA therapy caters to the unique needs of individuals with autism, addressing various symptoms and conditions such as ADHD and anxiety, commonly found in people with autism.
  • Evidence-Based Practice:
    Numerous studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of ABA therapy in reducing the number of problematic behaviors in children with autism, forming a rich history of data supporting the benefits of this type of therapy.
  • Improved Social Skills:
    This therapy enhances the ability of children to interact with others more efficiently, fostering better relationships with peers at school and reducing instances of social anxiety.
  • Better Coping Strategies:
    ABA therapy equips children with strategies to manage a range of issues including anxiety and depression, which are common co-occurring disorders in individuals with autism.
  • Enhanced Learning Abilities:
    Through structured guidance and example-driven learning, ABA therapy facilitates changes in the brain that aid in absorbing content more efficiently, thereby improving performance at school.
  • Medication Management:
    In conjunction with a doctor's advice, ABA therapy can complement medications, potentially minimizing risks associated with overreliance on drugs and helping to fine-tune medication levels for optimal benefits.
  • Parental Involvement:
    This therapy encourages the involvement of adults in the child's treatment, enabling them to understand the factors and signs contributing to their child's condition better and manage them effectively.
  • Functional Communication Training:
    ABA therapy assists children in developing better communication skills, reducing difficulty in expressing themselves and understanding others, a common problem in autism.
  • Comprehensive Evaluation:
    ABA therapy often starts with a comprehensive evaluation, including a range of tests to design a customized treatment plan, answering essential questions about the individual's condition.
  • Peer-Reviewed Articles:
    Many articles and studies underscore the benefits and effectiveness of ABA therapy, highlighting real-life examples and case studies, making it a widely accepted and recommended therapy type for autism and other disorders.
  • Addressing Comorbid Conditions:
    ABA therapy not only focuses on primary symptoms but also addresses a number of comorbid conditions like ADHD and depression, offering a more rounded approach to managing autism.
  • Improved Attention Levels:
    ABA therapy helps enhance attention levels in children, beneficial especially when ADHD is a co-occurring condition.
  • Safe Environment:
    ABA therapy provides a safe and structured environment for learning without the fear of judgment from others, fostering a content and secure learning atmosphere.
  • Behavioral Modification:
    This therapy is adept at pinpointing the causes of certain behaviors and implementing strategies to modify them, essential in managing behavioral issues associated with autism and other disorders.
  • Skill Generalization:
    ABA therapy teaches individuals to generalize skills across a range of settings – at school, home, or in the community, facilitating smoother interactions with people and the environment.
  • Reducing Risk Factors:
    This therapy works towards reducing risk factors associated with autism and other disorders, aiding in the early identification of signs and symptoms that could escalate to more serious problems.
  • Customized Intervention:
    Based on initial assessments and studying the child's history, ABA therapy designs interventions catering to the specific needs and strengths of the child, fostering more personalized and effective therapy.
  • Enhanced Independence:
    ABA therapy aims to enhance the independence of individuals by teaching them essential life skills, thereby reducing dependency on adults and caregivers in the long run.
  • Guidance and Advice:
    Throughout the therapy process, parents and caregivers receive valuable advice and guidance on handling various situations, empowering them to support their child more effectively.
  • Scientific Backing:
    Grounded in scientific principles and backed by a plethora of studies, ABA therapy validates its effectiveness in managing a range of symptoms and difficulties encountered by individuals with autism.
  • Collaborative Approach:
    Often involving collaboration with other specialists like a doctor or school teacher, this approach ensures that the child receives holistic treatment, addressing all facets of their condition.
  • Potential to Reduce Medication Dependency:
    In some cases, successful implementation of ABA therapy can lead to reduced dependency on medications, as individuals learn to manage their symptoms through behavioral changes and skill acquisition.
  • Support with Academic Issues:
    ABA therapy assists children in overcoming academic issues by improving areas such as attention span and content retention, facilitating a more fruitful school experience.
  • Inclusion in Mainstream Settings:
    With sustained therapy, some individuals show significant improvements, allowing them to be included in mainstream settings, fostering a sense of belonging and reducing instances of isolation.
  • Constructive Handling of Emotions:
    Through ABA therapy, individuals learn to handle their emotions more constructively, a protective factor against the development of depression and other mental health issues later in life.


Customer Reviews

Ashley Hardin
My son is a student at ART, and I have nothing but positive things to say about my time there. Meetings with my son's behavior therapist on a regular basis have been a huge help to me ... I can't express my gratitude enough.
Edward Luce
The Autism Response Team at the Frisco office delivers excellent clinical care (autism services) ...  The clinical team's expertise and dedication are unrivaled. They continue to make a substantial change in my daughter's life.
Anton Kowolski
ART's personnel has assisted me in a variety of ways, including working out our insurance options and answering any of our other inquiries. They are a wonderful service provider who genuinely cares about assisting autistic kids.
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