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About ART

About Us

Locally owned and operated, Autism Response Team has been serving the special needs population of North Texas for nearly a decade. ART provides a unique curriculum designed to enable individuals with special needs to participate in life’s activities. We provide services across clinic, home, community, educational settings, and telehealth service delivery models.

Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts will carefully craft an assessment-based intervention to address these challenges, and thus, increase the functioning of the learner in their daily life. We aim to involve the whole family and provide education regarding the autism diagnosis to empower our families for hope and optimal outcomes. We have a passion for progress and strive for success across all environments, developmental stages, and ages.
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Coordinated Management of Care

Autism Response Team Texas Model of ABA-Coordinated Management of Care (ART-CMC) involves a concerted effort to integrate the work of general physicians, developmental pediatrics, pediatricians, psychologists, psychiatrists, occupational therapists and speech therapists as well as teachers. Patient’s care is viewed as a multidisciplinary work.

Patients generally receive an initial assessment from a developmental pediatrician or clinical psychologist to rule in/out the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (DSM-IV TR). Individuals with severe behaviors will receive a functional analysis to determine the function of their behaviors and develop a function-base intervention. These individuals will also receive an evaluation from their psychiatrist for psychiatric assessment and intervention.

With the above model in mind, what will be presented in the following pages is the protocol of applied behavior analysis practiced by Autism Response Team ABA services. This protocol is intended to demonstrate the mechanism of clinical quality control of care provided by ART.

“SEE” as a Model Guiding ART ABA program

“SEE” is an acronym for safety, efficacy, and efficiency.

Autism Response Team is committed to ensure the safety of each patient who may come to its service delivery attention. Direct care staff staff and their supervisors are trained to be aware of their “mandate to report” responsibility. Direct care staff staff and their supervisors are further trained in the techniques of NCPI to ensure that in the events that a patient becomes physically aggressive manage the patient and themselves as safely as possible.

Efficacy stands for treatments that is effective and will enable the patient to move toward independence. Supervisors and direct care staffs are trained and monitored to ensure the programs they develop and implement for each patient is appropriate and produces the utmost effect in terms of outcome.

Efficiency stands for treatments that are enabling the patients to reach their goals as quickly as it is possible. Supervisors and direct care staff staff are mindful that services provided to each patient are not only effective
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Customer Reviews

Ashley Hardin
My son is a student at ART, and I have nothing but positive things to say about my time there. Meetings with my son's behavior therapist on a regular basis have been a huge help to me ... I can't express my gratitude enough.
Edward Luce
The Autism Response Team at the Frisco office delivers excellent clinical care (autism services) ...  The clinical team's expertise and dedication are unrivaled. They continue to make a substantial change in my daughter's life.
Anton Kowolski
ART's personnel has assisted me in a variety of ways, including working out our insurance options and answering any of our other inquiries. They are a wonderful service provider who genuinely cares about assisting autistic kids.
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